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Sensitive Skin - Spotlight on Cucumber

Sensitive Skin - Spotlight on Cucumber

This week we bring you the humble Cucumber, found in our Wonder Eye Cream

Hungover? Up all night with the little ones? Generally exhausted? Enter cucumber, the hero ingredient in our Wonder Eye Cream. Cucumber soothes, de-puffs and brightens, and is especially great for the sensitive eye area. Here’s why...

It’s super hydrating; thanks to cucumbers high water content, it’s like giving your skin a drink. Eating cucumber is also a great way to hydrate your skin from the inside out. It brightens your skin; cucumbers contain vitamin C, which helps with any marks, sun damage or wrinkles you may have. It calms; it calms; the antioxidants in Cucumber reduce irritation, inflammation and swelling, making it perfect for sensitive skin or if your skin is easily irritated. Put it on your skin, eat it, drink it (preferably in water not gin and tonic), and pop slices over your eye whilst you lie with a facemask on, just get it into your routine!

Wonder Eye Cream

How do I use it?

Tap a light layer with fingertips to moistened skin under and around the eyes until blended.

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